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Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Occupational health services aims at protecting and promoting workers’ safety, health, and wellbeing. This also includes improving working conditions and the working capabilities of workers in light of their physical and mental health. The objective is to prevent or reduce occupational health diseases. While at times employees have preexisting conditions, this can be made worse by their working environment, which is why it is the duty of the employer to manage occupational health issues. As clearly, staff is a key business asset and essential to boost productivity and profitability.

Many workers spend one-third of their life in working environments and more alarmingly 120 million occupational accidents with 200,000 fatalities are estimated to occur annually. Therefore it is imperative for occupational health measures to be adopted by organizations to prioritize the wellbeing of their staff. Digital safety solutions have provided an ecosystem for companies to track, manage, and prevent safety incidents in real time. It has become the backbone of operations, reducing the time safety professionals spend on analysis and reporting so they can get back to the field and do what they do best.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of firms entering the industry with a set of advanced occupational health consulting/ service offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed occupational health consulting/service providers, Manage HR has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Service Companies– 2020.’ The enlisted organizations offer occupational health services aimed at establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Manage HR’s, “Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Service Companies– 2020.”

    Top Occupational Health Consulting/Service Companies

  • Unity Wellness Group positions itself as an employee wellness all-rounder, helping its clients’ workforce in effectively managing their stress levels. The company provides several customized occupational health and wellness programs in this regard.Unity Wellness Group, LLC was founded in 2008 with a goal in mind: To help bring the health-transforming benefits of mind-body practices and other practice-proven wellness programs to businesses and schools, resulting in less stress and more wellness, vitality and productivity

  • The company is dedicated to providing employers with customized workplace health and injury management solutions to meet the ever-changing landscape of their organization

  • Colden


    Colden provides occupational health, safety, and environmental consulting services with professionalism and integrity through personalized and responsive client-focused service. They are committed to building partnerships with clients to understand, define and provide solutions to health, safety and environmental issues, while helping them achieve their business goals. For over 20 years, Colden have fostered long-lasting partnerships through repeat business with satisfied clients. Although based in the Northeast, we routinely deliver services coast to coast across a number of industries

  • Concentra Occupational Health

    Concentra Occupational Health

    Concentra, a division of Select Medical, is a national health care company focused on improving the health of America’s workforce, one patient at a time. Through its affiliated clinicians, the company provides occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy, and wellness services from more than 520 medical centers in 44 states. In addition to these medical center locations, Concentra serves employers by providing a broad range of health services and operating more than 140 onsite medical facilities

  • Health Fitness Corporation

    Health Fitness Corporation

    HealthFitness, a Trustmark company, delivers a complete and personalized wellbeing solution that is designed to make people healthier and includes the best of fitness, wellness, injury prevention and a platform that offers a unique combination of digital integration and human connection. Parent company Trustmark provides a full spectrum of employee benefits to improve wellbeing through better health and greater financial security

  • Health Measured

    Health Measured

    Health was featured at Humanity 2.0 at the Vatican in the Vatican City on collaboration regarding Maternal Health. Latisha was a featured speaker at Healthcare 3.0 – Women in Biotech and Life Sciences panel at the United Nations on BioNutriTest technology, that is changing the way healthcare providers make nutrition and supplement recommendations

  • Impact Health

    Impact Health

    Impact Health has the capability to encompass 100 percent of client’s employee needs to provide a comprehensive approach to allow each employee to proactively check their health; enabling the organization to lead healthier, more productive lives. All participant biometric data and immunization records are maintained in a HITRUST® environment, the industry’s gold standard; providing clients with the information necessary to measure the effectiveness of their health promotion initiatives

  • VITAL WorkLife Home

    VITAL WorkLife Home

    VITAL WorkLife, Inc. is a national behavioral health consulting practice supporting all dimensions of well-being in the workplace. For over 35 years, their proven solutions have helped to reduce workplace conflict, facilitate culture change, strengthen interpersonal communication and build well-being. The company offers unique solutions including confidential preventative support for physicians and providers, customized consulting, behavioral intervention programs, peer coaching, education, critical incident resources and robust employee assistance programs

  • Wellness Corporate Solutions

    Wellness Corporate Solutions

    LabCorp Employer Services (formerly Wellness Corporate Solutions) provides strategic comprehensive well-being solutions and insights that drive population health improvement nationwide. Services include COVID-19 return to work solutions, biometric screenings, flu vaccinations, common inoculations, health coaching, member portal and actionable business analytics to provide insights for employers, health partners and health consumers on their health and the health of the population. As part of LabCorp, a leading global life sciences company, they are also able to bring additional services to their clients, creating an integrated occupational lab testing and well-being benefit solution for employers

  • WorkCare


    WorkCare, Inc., is a national occupational health company serving employers in the U.S. and abroad. Its customized, integrated solutions are designed to help companies of all sizes and types efficiently manage all aspects of work-related health. WorkCare’s capabilities include: Onsite clinic operations and telehealth, 24/7 telephonic injury/illness intervention and case management, corporate physician consulting and medical directorships, medical surveillance exams and regulatory compliance program management, travelers’ health, absence and leave monitoring, drug-free workplace, fitness-for-work evaluations, ergonomic assessments and wellness and health promotion

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